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Universities in Istanbul

As of the end of 2012 there are 175 universities in Turkey, out of which 2/3 are State and 1/3 are Private. All of these universities are controlled by YOK, "Yuksek Ogretim Kurumu" or Council of Higher Education. Private universities are founded by private institutions known as Vakif or Vaqif and their tuition fees are much higher than State universities. After high school, students are admitted to a university by an examination prepared in accordance with the Council of Higher Education. Depending on their score and which faculty they choose, the computer allocates them into one of the universities. Those who cannot pass the exam can try again next year.

Entrance gate of Istanbul UniversityThere are 45 universities in Istanbul; 9 of them are State and 36 are Private. Istanbul university is the oldest one, not only of Istanbul or of Turkey, but also one of the world's, it was founded in the form of madrasa (theological school) by Mehmet II after he conquered Constantinople. Istanbul University is also the biggest one in Istanbul, with about 130,000 students and 6 thousand teachers and researchers in its facultees.

Here is a list of universities in Istanbul, in alphabetical order. Letter "S" stands for State university and letter "P" stands for private.

  1. 29 Mayis University (P)
  2. Acibadem University (P)
  3. Arel University (P)
  4. Aydin University (P)
  5. Bahçesehir University (P)
  6. Beykent University (P)
  7. Bezm-i Alem University (P)
  8. Bilgi University (P)
  9. Bilim University (P)
  10. Bogaziçi University (S)
  11. Dogus University (P)
  12. Fatih University (P)
  13. Fatih Sultan Mehmet University (P)
  14. Galatasaray University (S)
  15. Gedik University (P)
  16. Gelisim University (P)
  17. Haliç University (P)
  18. Isik University (P)
  19. Istanbul Technical University (S)
  20. Istanbul University (S)
  21. Kadir Has University (P)
  22. Kemerburgaz University (P)
  23. Koç University (P)
  24. Kültür University (P)
  25. Maltepe University (P)
  26. Marmara University (S)
  27. Medeniyet University (S)
  28. Medipol University (P)
  29. MEF University (P)
  30. Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University (S)
  31. Murat Hüdavendigar University (P)
  32. Nisantasi University (P)
  33. Okan University (P)
  34. Ozyegin University (P)
  35. Piri Reis University (P)
  36. Sabahattin Zaim University (P)
  37. Sabanci University (P)
  38. Sehir University (P)
  39. Süleyman Sah University (P)
  40. Ticaret (Commerce) University (P)
  41. Türk-Alman (Turkish-German) University (S)
  42. Üsküdar University (P)
  43. Yeditepe University (P)
  44. Yeni Yüzyil University (P)
  45. Yildiz Technical University (S)

Hope to see you soon in Istanbul.

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Source: Council of Higher Education (YOK)